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It is very evident to everyone that being a writer is not that easy and it can be challenging to come up with new and impressive thoughts that attract readers.

The biggest problem appears to come when you have to write the same or worse headline in dozens of articles on the same particular topic consecutively.

Today, that’s a challenging job but there is one reasonable solution to do so, most widely acknowledged as rewrite or rephrasing.

Sometimes even experienced authors find it intimidating to rewrite an article about a certain topic if it has to be done manually so different developers around the world have started providing free article rewriter tool services to their clients that can let them out of this trouble.

So, let’s just start to get to know Article Rewriting and how Article Rewriter works.

What is Article Rewriting?

If we define the rewrite of the article in the fairest manner, so it is a different and fresh strategy to represent words and sentences. It helps make the material special to readers and more exciting.

The hard parts come when you have to be done manually, and you have to check up and adjust each and every word appropriately. And this is where online platform rephrasing tools come in handy.

What is the Article Rewriter tool?

The paraphrase tools or even more frequently known as article rewriting tools are the operating systems proposed by different websites that are responsible for maintaining and rephrasing old and already published articles to convert them into a new and exclusive one.

Many authors still use this method to save time and the hard work of preparing a new paper and creating fresh ideas about the same old subjects, these strategies can also be used as well.

Surely, it is a technique widely used in SEO, concerning article rewording and rephrasing. Based on the sample article, the consumer would get a fresh and innovative content. This technique can be used with the aid of any paraphrasing tool to create original articles that can then be used for publishing online or for any other specific reason without even being addressed as duplicate content.

How Article Rewriter tools works?

These online rephrase platforms are currently focusing on the idea of replacing words with synonyms, active voices with passive voices, responding specifically to indirect expression, and manipulating and linking various techniques that are available on the web in a way that makes the current content incredibly exclusive and new.

The only step that you need to do is transfer a paragraph or a complete article that needs rephrasing and letting the tool do the rest of the magic.

Features that a good Article Rewriter must have

  • Fully free to use – A good rewriter of the article must be absolutely free when using and must be within the range of every author. There’s no purpose in investing in copying and paraphrasing, so this software should be free, so if you pay for that service, then we advise that you never use it because you’ll waste your time and money while doing so.
  • No writing limit – You will really aim for a device that doesn’t have any restrictions on its use. Even if you paste text to paraphrase or rewrite it must be acknowledged that there are no limits on the number of terms allowed for pasting.
  • Uploading of content – Like we mentioned previously regarding uploading files, there are some article rewriting software that don’t permit you to upload content, rather you ought to paste the content into them. You don’t have to go for tools like this, so you can still consider the software that allows you to upload files straight from your desktop.
  • Plagiarism free content – The end product must be plagiarism-free so you must make absolutely sure you meet up with a tool that helps in writing content that does not contain any signs of plagiarism.

No doubt, the internet is flooded with such tools that promise you to rephrase your content in a unique way.

But in this blog post, we are mentioning the top three article rewriter tools that hold all these above-mentioned features and aid you in your writing in a short period of time.

List of 3 Best Article rewriter tools are :-

1. Prepostseo

First, in our list is Prepostseo Article rewrite tool, a handy tool for all who wants to rewrite the content by giving the new shape of provided content with the same concept.

The Prepostseo article rewriter Pro is an advanced development that aims to help people publish content free from plagiarism.

Propostseo-article rewriter-hostingqna-com

It scans the given content using advanced algorithms and then makes necessary changes to provide a new form of the given content without changing its meanings.

It replaces important terms with their synonyms in such a way that the term remains context-related and does not affect the overall information description.

What you have to do is paste the text you want to transform; the powerful rewriter will first evaluate the material and then revise it using sophisticated methods to avoid plagiarism. This tool is 100% free of cost as well.

This tool has also developed the chrome extension of this powerful software to add more flexibility to your work and life. Now you can use this tool directly to easily spin text over its chrome extension.

2. SeoMagnifier

Second in our list is the paraphrase tool online. This is an automated rewriter, who will immediately rewrite any data into SEO compatible, creative text. It assists avoid duplicating the penalties for content from search engines.

It is an easy to use article rewriter spinner that does not ask you for signup or registration if you choose to use the free edition. What you need to do is enter understandable human content, and then get meaningful readable content out of it.

This free tool can be used to display any number of blog posts in twice the amount of valuable, concise text for the same or unique blogs. This tool is also free of any charges and hundred percent authentic as well.

For much better results, this software permits you to use its paraphrasing services along with the article rewriting.

First of all, users spin the article on this article rewriter tool and then use its paraphrasing tool to properly check the overlapping vocabulary or text, here you need to adjust the text to finalize your excellently rewritten article once you realize that more improvement is required.


Another innovative article rephrasing tool that examines the full document thoroughly and looks for the words it can substitute with a synonym. The bright and vibrant text will show all of the words that it substitutes as a replacement.

It also allows you to see the original phrase, suggestions, and can add your own word by clicking on any of the highlighted words or sentences.


You can also click on the original word to revert or to replace any other word, as developers have offered all possible synonyms regarding your content. You can pick any of your preferences, keeping in mind the meaning of the sentence must be the same.

When you already do have content on the blog site that you want to change into unique, use this free tool to paraphrase online in a matter of seconds. This free paraphrasing tool offers its services for 24/7 to help you out at any time.

Most of the text that this article spinner generates is human-readable and 100% distinctive, making it a good choice for creating mass blog posts and web content, essays, coursework, conferences, and more.

Final Words

Article rewriter tools are helping bloggers, webmasters, content creators, students, teachers, and researchers also. It is one of the greatest advancements in the field of digital sciences. There are thousands of websites that provide you with article rewriter spinners.

So, you can choose any of them to save a lot of your time. Best three article rewriter spinners we have discussed in this blog post. These spinners can help not only to improve the uniqueness of your content but also for remove plagiarism and can help improving your writing skills.

If you want to create extraordinary content to improve your website’s ranking in search engine results these article rewriter can be the best option. Anyone can have access to them as they are free of cost.

Once you have completed the rewriting of the content, you can check the plagiarism by using any excellent plagiarism checker tool just to check how efficiently the article spinner has worked.

But, do not rely 100% on these spinners because even after rewriting, the content requires a lot of changes to make it readable. Thus, proof reading of content is a must before uploading it on the internet.

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