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So, let’s dive into Genhost review.

What is Genhost?

Genhost Review-HostingQNA-com

Genhost is a web hosting service provider which is one of the fastest-growing web hosting company in India. It was started in 2013.

They have web hosting services like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, And Reseller Hosting.

Genhost is mainly famous for their Resellers Hosting. And its Reseller Hosting is such an amazing Reseller Hosting service.

The website is available in various languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, French,….etc.

They have almost 400 hosting resellers registered with Genhost. There are 8,000 active clients and 40,000 sites hosted with their services.

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Benefits of using Genhost services

1. Genhost better Uptime

Cheap Web Hosting always has the problem of Uptime. But in the case of Genhost, the Uptime is great according to their ratings.

They do not provide best Uptime But they aren’t too low like other low cost web hosting service providers.

We always like to use web hosting with 99.9% Uptime. But when it comes to low-cost web hosting, the Uptime is seen somewhere around 97-98%. But Genhost provides web hosting Uptime greater than these low-cost hosting services.

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2. Cloud Linux + Light Speed Technology

Cloud Linux boost their all Servers and PHP has been boosted with LightSpeed Technology as well. This makes the site hosted on this Hosting faster.

3. Fast Speed

They provide very high-speed web hosting. It will make your site speed faster and website speed is also considered as a ranking factor.

If you purchase their plan with SSD storage then it will make your site load very faster. SSDs are much more powerful than HDDs.

4. 7 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with Genhost Hosting Service. Then, you can receive your money back within seven days.

This can be a good way of checking the Genhost web hosting services and 7 Days is enough time to check any web hosting.

5. Simple Interface

Genhost interface is straight simple to all the things and easy to use. Even if you do not have much experience or don’t have technical knowledge then also you can easily access the Genhost dashboard.

6. Softaculous App installer

Genhost provides ‘The Softaculous App installer’ to their users, which helps users in installing different apps like WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and many more apps and software with 1 click.

Installing these with the manual method, it takes a lot of time and efforts. But installing these using ‘The Softaculous App installer’ is quite easy or say with one click. This makes a direct installation of apps and saves your time and efforts.

7. White Label Support For Free

They give users a White Label Support which helps a Hosting Resellers to sell hosting and other services using their Brand Name.

8. Free SSL Certificate

They provide you Hosting with a FREE SSL Certificate with their all Hosting Plans. SSL is necessary for your website as it shows your users that your site is a secured one.

9. Cheap Rates

Their Hosting plans are cheaper than the Hosting services available in the market.

10. Genhost Support

For any user, support plays an important role and it may become a reason for joining or leaving any web hosting company.

Taking of Genhost, they have many ways of contacting them and ask for support or assistance like email, telephone, ticket system, and whatsapp chat.

11. Backups

Backup is something which is needed by every site owners and webmasters because, at any time, you are going to need it. Your site may break while making some changes or might get hacked. At that time, you will need the backup of your site to restore your content.

Genhost provides weekly backups of your site which safe your blog or website.

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Key Features of Genhost

Genhost has some basic features provided to each and every plan. No matter, it is starter or business hosting plan.

  • Weekly Backup
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • DDoS Protection
  • Control Panel
  • Softaculous Auto Installer
  • SitePad Site Builder
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Csf Firewall
  • 100% Pure SSD Storage
  • Free Account Migration
  • Support on Whatsapp, Skype, Ticket and Phone calls.

Genhost hosting service runs on highly configured Intel Xeon hardware components.

Their all plans include either cPanel or Plesk Control Panel and also include other services like SitePad Builder, Php Selector, and Unlimited Bandwidth.

Their servers use 1 Gbps network ports. They have some advanced security features like Symlink Protection, CageFS Hacker Protection, and Multiple AV Scanner

These feature protects the sites from online threats.

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Genhost Shared Hosting Plan

1.) Shared Linux Hosting by Genhost

Shared Linux Hosting is a hosting which can handle traffic between 10,000 To 20,000 monthly.

With this hosting, you will get Free SSL Certificate, Softaculous App installer, PHP Version Selector, and much more.

It can be used for starting a blog with Low Traffic. As soon as your sites grow, you can upgrade your plan.

2.) Genhost Shared SSD Linux Hosting

Shared SSD Linux Hosting can handle the very same amount of traffic which Shared Linux Hosting Provides does. But it is very fast when compared to Shared Linux Hosting.

You will get Free SSL Certificate, Softaculous App installer, PHP Version Selector, and much more.

Same as Shared Linux Hosting, it can be used to start a Blog with Low Traffic and afterwards upgrades your hosting plans.

3.) Plesk Windows SSD

Plesk Windows SSD Provided by Genhost can give the high speed with a cheap rate and can handle a better amount of traffic.

You will get Google Drive Backup, Plesk 18.x, MySQL, and MsSQL Support and much more.

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Genhost Reseller Hosting Plan

All Reseller Hosting Plan by Genhost contains:

  • WHMCS Starter License
  • Instant Activation
  • Full DDoS Protection
  • Jet Backup Plugin*
  • White Label Support
  • 99.5 % Uptime Guarantee
  • Own Branding And Nameservers
  • CageFs Hacker Protection
  • Cloud Linux Optimised
  • Php Version Selector
  • Jailed Shell Access*
  • LightSpeed Php API
  • Softaculos App Installer
  • FireWall Unblock Plugin
  • WordPress Optimised
  • Sitepad Website Builder
  • Free SSL Encrypt
  • Free Payment Gateway

1.) Unlimited Reseller Linux (HDD)

In this plan, Genhost commits that they will provide Unlimited Space and Bandwidth But its Speed may not be too fast. Its Speed will be somehow like normal website due to HDD storage.

They will provide Free SSL, Private Nameserver, Cpanel,..etc with the purchase of this plan.

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2.) Unlimited Reseller Linux (SSD)

This Plan is Similar to the last plan ‘Unlimited Reseller Linux (HDD)’. But in this plan, you will get more Speed than Unlimited Reseller Linux (HDD) Plan and it will be helpful in Ranking Your Website. In short, your site will load faster.

As this plan is similar, you get the same things provided in Unlimited Reseller Linux (HDD).

3.) Master Reseller Linux (HDD)

If you’re looking for a hosting which provides nice and premium Quality Hosting For Reselling. Then Master Reseller Linux of Genhost is perfect for you.

If you purchase this plan, you will get 99.9% Uptime, Free Payment Gateway, and much more.

4.) Master Reseller Linux (SSD)

It is too Similar to Master Reseller Linux (HDD). But It has great Speed.

The difference is just that in Master Reseller Linux (HDD), you will get HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and in Master Reseller Linux (SSD), you will get SSD (Solid State Disk).

And SSD work much faster than a HDD.

5.) Windows Reseller (SSD)

It is a Windows Reseller Hosting But It is only available in SSDs, not in HDD. So, It will be very powerful and fast in performing task.

You will get 25 Plesk Account. There is a con of this plan i.e. you will not get Cpanel as the control panel. But you will get many Freebies with It.

6.) Alpha Reseller Linux (SSD)

Alpha Reseller Hosting plan comes with many features which makes you sell to your client with your own Branding.

They use Whamp Secure and Stable Alpha Reseller Plugin Management Control Panel.

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Genhost Powerful Servers

If You Don’t Have enough money for buying dedicated servers, you can definitely try out server provided by Genhost.

Their all Server Plan must contains :

  • Solusvm Control Panel
  • Full Root Access
  • Managed Support
  • Cpanel And WHM
  • DDoS Protected
  • Various Paid Addon

1.) Managed Cpanel VPS Servers

When your website is getting traffic and can not be further handled by Shared Hosting, then you can go for VPS servers. Also if you don’t have a budget to buy Dedicated Servers. There also, VPS servers are a good alternative of dedicated servers.

VPS Server hosting is far much better than Shared Hosting.

2.) KVM SSD Linux Hosting

KVM SSD Linux server hosting will provide High-Speed Hosting due to SSD. If you have budget then KVM SSD Linux is a good option.

Another feature is that it can be Upgraded as Compare to Managed Cpanel VPS Servers. It is much faster than Managed Cpanel VPS Servers as it runs on SSD.

3.) Genhost Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are currently not available on Genhost. But soon, they will be launching dedicated servers hosting service.

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Genhost Pricing Plan & Genhost discount coupons

Genhost web hosting is very low-cost hosting in terms of rates and balanced features & hosting as per need.

Genhost prices are shown in Indian rupees and U.S. Dollars.

They do not offer any Free Trial or Free Plan. But you will get 7 days money-back guarantee.

The Company also has a discount coupon of 15% OFF when buying hosting monthly or quarterly and 25% Off on semi-annual or above order.

Additionally, we have a discount link for our readers. Just click the link below and activate special discount.

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Genhost Pros & Cons

Pros of Genhost

  • Low-cost Hosting with discounts
  • Servers use 1 Gbps network ports
  • Can choose either ‘Windows Os’ or ‘Linux Servers’
  • Tier-4 certified data centres
  • Dual Powered Equipments
  • DDoS Protection with each plan
  • Additional Security

Cons of Genhost

  • Few Limitation in Shared Hosting plan
  • Server outside India
  • WHMCS licence expires time to time

Genhost quality hosting services with its advanced features at low cost has brought a huge growth and popularity. However, site targeted in Asian countries might get a bit lower speed due to its server location. But their hosting is best for site based in France and the USA as they have an advantage of native server location.

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Best Genhost Alternatives

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is a premium web hosting company which provides world-class premium hosting at low cost. You can try Hostinger if you’re looking for Genhost alternative.

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2. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting providers in the market. They provide high-quality web hosting. Their hosting is fully optimized for popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce,..etc.

They are also recommended by the official developer team of WordPress since 2005.

Get 67% off and a free domain

3. ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud is money-worth premium hosting. Their other services are premium and worth buying. The plans are very much the same as Genhost. But they provide FREE Domain for lifetime. They will renew your domain for FREE. This differentiates this hosting from other hosting in the market.

Claim a free Domain for lifetime

4. SiteGround

SiteGround is a high-quality web hosting provider company. The hosting charge of SiteGround hosting is pretty high. It is a high-cost premium web hosting.

5. A2Hosting

A2 Hosting is the best hosting provider for a high traffic site. Their hosting plans are so optimized that your site is going to load in seconds. If you have a high budget, we should suggest to go for A2Hosting. It will provide premium quality hosting.

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Genhost FAQs

Does Genhost provides 99.9% Uptime?

Genhost uptime is likely to be around 99.2%. You may or may not get 1 or 2 downtimes during server maintenance in a year which is normal. Check downtime of Genhost.

Is Genhost web hosting very fast?

Yes, Genhost hosting is fast and very fast in European and American countries due to the advantage of server location. For Asian countries, try Genhost Alternatives.

Do Genhost support available 24×7?

Yes, Genhost support is available 24×7. Beside live support, they have support in form of Whatsapp, Telephone, Ticket System, and via Email.

Genhost provides a Free Domain with premium hosting?

Yes, you will get a FREE Domain with every hosting plan of Genhost. Click here to Claim a free domain.

Do Genhost have any free trial or free plan?

No. They don’t have any free trial But they have 7 Days money-back guarantee.

Do Genhost provide Pure SSD storage?

Yes, they provide Pure SSD storage.

Do Genhost provide Cpanel?

Yes, they provide Cpanel in various plans.

Can we choose between Windows or Linux Servers?

Yes. You can choose between Windows or Linux servers.

Does Genhost provide any Backup?

Yes, Genhost provides a weekly Backup plan for their users.

Do they provide Softaculous Auto Installer?

Yes, they provide Softaculous Auto Installer for installing WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce…etc.

What are some best Genhost alternatives?

Best Genhost alternatives are Hostinger, Bluehost, and ChemiCloud.

Do Genhost provide DDoS security?

Yes. Every plan of Genhost web hosting has DDoS security.

Free Advance Security plugins is given by Genhost?

Genhost provides some advance security plugins Such As Symlink Protection, CageFS Hacker Protection, and Multiple AV Scanner free of cost.

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