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Hello everyone, welcome to a new review post of one of India’s cheapest Hosting providers In this post, In this post, we will review Read the full reviews.

In this growing techy world, everyone wants to create online content. Everyone wants to be a content creator. Creating content and publishing it online, requires a few necessary things including an online address called Domain and Hosting Space where your content will be stored called WebHosting simply.

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As we know that buying a good web hosting isn’t a simple play. The reasons are different from head to head. But common reason includes a High pricy hosting service which everyone can’t afford. Good and standard hosting costs you more than $100/year. Solution for this problem can be:-

  1. Free Hosting
  2. Cheap hosting

We simply don’t recommend you to go for Free Hosting because of several reasons. You may opt for cheap hosting. But going for cheap hosting will compromise your site with security and many services.

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There are many cheap hosting providers in the hosting market but they might be harmful. They may have lower hosting service, no customer support….etc. Well guys, I have a solution to your problem of High priced hosting with better hosting service and customer support. The solution is

What is | Host Your Site at ₹29 | Reviews & Rating is an Indian Hosting provider. This is one of the cheapest hosting providers. They have the cheapest hosting plan starting from ₹29 per month. They are offering many discounts on their various products. You can also buy domains from them. Domains | Reviews & Rating Key features:-

A.) Super Fast Hosting hosting comes with Super Fast Hosting Technology. They provide NVMe SSD Disk space instead of HDD Disk. SSD process data faster than HDD. As a result, their server as much faster than other hosting Providers’ servers. - Superfast Hosting

B.) Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is the basic necessity of any website. Downtime results in losing customers as well as ranking on Google. Guaranteed your website uptime. They have well-maintained servers which do not cause to downtime, - uptime guaranteed

C.) Local Language Support

Local language support is a plus point for over other Hosting Providers. They have well guided technical people hired. They provide you all types of support in your Local Language. You can have a chat or talk to them in your local Language. - Local Language Support

How is different from other Hosting Providers?

HostyFly is different from other Hosting Providers. Upon Hostyfly review, its services are better than other cheap hosting Providers. There are many reasons for “Why“. The Reasons are:-

1. Have a Starter Plan

The best feature of is its Trail Plan which is “Starter Plan” starting at ₹29/month. You can opt for it after paying only a nominal fee (usually ₹29 for a month). You can install WordPress, PHP website or many things the same as you get in premium hosting. This plan is basically for the trail. It will cost only ₹29 but you can test their service quality and customer support. - Starter plan of Rs29
You get in a Starter plan. - Starter plan Details

2. Cheap Hosting Plan

Everyone can’t afford Highly-priced hosting Plans. It usually starts from $2-5 per month, which is high for newbie and students. They can’t afford it due to a low budget or they don’t want to make a huge investment at their start. But at, your problem is getting solved,

HostyFly comes with Cheapest Plan which usually starts from ₹59/month (billed monthly). They have 3 types of plans. They are:-

  1. Silver Package ( ₹59/month)
  2. Golden Package (₹99/month)
  3. Diamond Package (₹299/month)

3. Billing Type

When it comes to billing, most of the Hosting Providers billed you annually. You have to buy their hosting plan for a year or more. They usually don’t support monthly billing or have a Higher price when billed monthly(₹400-500/month),

But at, you can purchase a hosting plan which is billed monthly or yearly. You can choose as per your convenience. If you have less trust or any other problems, you can go for monthly billing hosting Plan. - Billing type

4. Free Safe & Secure SSL certificate

If you buy a hosting plan from other providers, they may charge you for an SSL certificate which Google recommends for any website. But in Every plan, you get a Free Safe & Secure SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt Authority.

5. 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Website uptime is mandatory for any website. Downtime may cause you losing users and hence converts into loss. Website Downtime reduces your ranking in various search engines. This also increases your bounce rate. At HostyFly, you are guaranteed with 99.9% server uptime. They also have a separate service that shows their Server status. - 99% uptime

6. 24 x 7 Customer Support

Hosting a website is not an easy task. You have different problems coming day by day. Some problems are related to your web hosting. So, customer support is an essential requirement of any website. You need to deal with those problems which require a professional team to handle. In the HostyFly review, we can say that it has 24 x 7 Customer Support. You can chat with them at Whatsapp or call them directly. Live chat support is also available on the website. - Support system

You can contact them using the above contact methods. They are always ready to help you. Feel free to ask your doubts.

7. Raise a Support ticket

Besides, you can also raise a support ticket whenever faced with problems. As in all hosting providers, they have a well qualified and dedicated team. They are always ready to sort your problems and give you the best solution. - My support tickets – Plans and Pricings

The price of hosting a website matters a lot. Usually, People are fooled when they go for buying web hosting. They are charged high than it would be. Some providers offer your hosting at a very cheap price but when we go for renewal, they charge a huge amount which they lose in offering hosting at cheap prices. They may have hidden charges which are asked during the Hosting period. They may suspend your hosting service soon when you have dues.

HostyFly is a good solution to this problem. They have a fixed rate and renewal charge is also shown. They don’t have any hidden charges. You can see their hosting plans which are billed monthly or yearly, You may compare these plans and choose the best which met your requirements.

(i) Cheapest Plan when billed Monthly. - Cheap plan monthly

(ii) Cheapest Plan when billed Annually - Cheap plan Annually

Special Offer from - Year plan Offer – Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings matter a lot. The public review made you confident in buying the hosting package. They give their hosting experience and feedbacks. They are the old users who have used their services earlier.

HostyFly has been a good company since its establishment. They have a huge user base. Here are some public reviews. User Reviews

Cheapest Webhosting is one of the best Hosting Providers in India. #1 Cheap webhosting Provider.


Very good experience after using this website

Very good experience after using this website. It give very good hosting and customer support is 5 ratings. They help very much to improve our website. Website speed is upgraded after I use this prowebhost. I am glad to tell it’s hosting rate is very cheap to buy in Market.

Technical Arpan

King of all Hosting

This Hosting providing website is King of all. There are a very fast server with NVMEe SSD Services. This website give you live support chat and WhatsApp chat for anytime 24×7. I am very happy with their services. It’s a very low price for Hosting (only ₹29)

Raj Shukla

The Best Experience

The best experience I have with this hosting service till date. I am extremely satisfied with the services. Customer care service is really awesome. If you really want to buy best and cheapest hosting you must buy from them.

Athar Masood - Host your site at 29RS - Arrow FAQs:-

Is trusted?

Upon my review, Hostyfly is a good hosting provider. I have also hosted a site on Hosting my site here was an amazing experience. They have better services at a cheaper price.

Which plan is best for trying Hosting?

If you haven’t tried for, we must recommend you go for a Starter plan which costs you ₹29 for a month.

Starter Plan of

What should plan a blogger should choose?

As a serious blogger like you, I would recommend you to choose a Golden Package or Diamond package as you can host more than a site.

What plan should a small Startup or business choose?

If you have a small startup or business, then you must select the Diamond hosting package. This plan includes enough resources for your startup or business.

What are the payment options at

You have many payment options on You can pay using debit or credit cards, online wallets like PayTM and others.

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