[Free] Top 10 Best image Hosting Sites in 2021

Want to secure your images and looking for best image hosting sites? or Have you lost your images and want to safeguard images from losing your image in future?

If yes, we have got solution of your problem. We have list ‘Top 10 Best image Hosting Sites in 2021’. Most of them are FREE but also have paid plans for more storage capacity, advance protection and more extra features for your images.

Check our list of top 10 best image hosting sites of 2021. So, lets get started.

But before moving ahead to the top 10 image hosting sites, let take a normal circumstance.

Why do need to Backup Images or other data?

Imagine, one day you accidentally lose your laptop or mobile with all of your data, photos and contents in it.

What will you do?

Uploading your data, photos and content to the below-mentioned image hosting sites would save all of your content even if you lose your device. You can also get your data, photos and content everywhere and anytime, just by logging into your account from another device.

Top 10 Image Hosting Sites - HostingQNA

These image hosting sites are fully secured that keeps all of your files and images safe and secure.

Another advantage is that by uploading all of your extra files and images into these image hosting sites would save a lot of space in devices. This means your devices won’t be working slow from now and never run out of storage due to heavy files.

Accessing your account from any other device and start sharing your data, images and content with your workmates, friends, and families will be much easier now. Yes, it just makes your work life much easier.

List of Top 10 Best image Hosting Sites

  1. Google Photos
  2. Imgur
  3. Dropbox
  4. Flickr
  5. 500px
  6. SmugMug
  7. image Shack
  8. imgbox
  9. Post images
  10. FreeimageHosting.net

We have listed Top 10 Best image hosting sites in 2021. Now, lets talk about each image hosting sites, their features and pricing plans if available.

What are 10 best image hosting sites in 2021?

Let’s go ahead and know about the top 10 image hosting sites; including its features, advantages, and much more.

1. Google Photos – Best image hosting site

Google photos-Best image Hosting Sites- HostingQNA

Let us start with Google Photos, which is said to be the best image hosting sites for casual photo sharers. It acts as a time saver while sharing pictures as it gets automatically synced up with your google accounts.

It is not said to be the most substantial hosting site. It gives you 15GB free storage to share your stuff with Drive and Google. Google photos also have some things that would make you happy. It prepares your animation videos, collages based on the photos uploaded.

It arranges your pictures and videos according to the dates and times of the year. It also recognizes the face feature. Clicking on someone’s face would give you all the photos and videos you have with him/her.

It provides you with monthly highlights and memories throughout the year and months. It also gives you unlimited storage for uploading high-quality pictures up to 16 megapixels. Many people out there choose to pay more to store the photos in their original resolution.

Features of Google Photos:-

  • Syncs with your google accounts.
  • Organizes your gallery and saves your time.
  • You can also edit the photo in google photos. It gives you to crop, filter, and other free editing tools.
  • 15GB free storage to share your stuff with Drive and Google photos.

2. imgur – the magic of the internet


On #2, we have ‘Imgur’ is one of the popular image hosting sites. Here, you can save as many photos as you want without worrying about the photos getting expired. However, there’s no need to open an account for uploading pictures.

If you want to upload albums, the addition of captions, and uploading your images through email attachments, you can create a free account for that. They permit direct linking, and they provide you with a link set in HTML.

You can upload JPEG, JPG, APNG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and all the animated TIFF, GIF, PDF, CXF, and BMP filenames get formatted to Imgur. The site chains non-animated files and GIFs to 20MB and 200MB, respectively.

You can easily upload a photo on Imgur, just by entering the URL on the Imgur website, by selecting an image from the computer, or by just pasting the photo in the Imgur website.

It uploads your photo very quickly without any pressure or pain. The photos from here can be shared on any other social site and for this its one of the most highly rated image hosting sites.

Features of Imgur:-

  • Imgur is famous for GIF and photos.
  • Sharing images on Imgur is very easy. You can share it with anyone.
  • uploading images, gifs are very easy.
  • You are provided unlimited image storage.

3. Dropbox – Share photos and image folders


At #3, Dropbox is a very much liked image hosting sites for many people out there. It allows you to upload your pictures in whichever way you want. Yes, there are no restrictions. It doesn’t even change, edit or resize your pictures after uploading it. So, it stays the same way you upload it—the option of syncing your Dropbox photo album to the desktop.

It gives you a free cloud storage provider, and through links, you can share your pictures. The most important feature of backup is also provided by this image hosting sites. Be it your desktop or a smartphone; you can easily create folders, edit your pictures, etc. For sharing, please copy the link and paste it wherever you want it and send it or upload it. If you keep your account’s link sharing on and share, then people would also get to see your entire album or gallery.

The most important point, it gives you FREE 2GB storage and a simple way to upload your photos and save it in your way. It’s famous for keeping the pictures as per your wish, so it doesn’t offer editing tools unlike others but a great place to save original photos.

Features of Dropbox:-

  • Be it an image, video, or text. Share all without any problem.
  • And it is synced with the camera on your mobile phone.
  • Easy sharing with anyone out there.

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4. Flickr – Engage with like-minded photographers

FLickr - HostingQNA

Flickr is one of the most famous image hosting sites. Even after being purchased by Yahoo and later by SmugMug in the past years, its still one of the most popular image hosting sites. It provides you with free editing tools so that you don’t need an extra app for a picture to edit. It’s all inbuilt.

Flickr helps you in the easy upload of pictures through phone, emails, or other applications. It’s a social website as well, which helps you to share the pictures with the entire community. It’s a user friendly. The site has different user groups as per the interests like black and white photography, fashion, and nature. You can save pictures and also comment. If you don’t want the community to see your uploads, you can change your privacy settings from public to selected people. You’ll get an up-loader tool that would help you to back up your content from Dropbox, iPhoto, or anywhere else.

Features of Flickr:-

  • Share your content through emails, RSS feeds, etc. easily.
  • Thousands and millions of professional and inspiring users.
  • Editing tools that help you to edit your picture in the last moment before posting.
  • User can upload 1000 images for free

5. 500px – Pro photographer community

500px - HostingQNA

500px is one of popular image hosting sites with social networking features. The site is mainly used to showcase your photography with others. Everyone can share, comment, and follow different users if you like them.

Building a profile in 500px is not easy. People here can also sell the photos through the site. If you want to upload the picture from 500px to any social sites, it can’t be done in this place. This place doesn’t give you the link to share it with different people or sites. You can upload your picture here and build contacts and networks from here. This image hosting website is mainly for professional purposes.

You can upload 20 pictures per week with free membership. You can upload unlimited pictures, shows statistics about the photo, and allow you to make contact with online photography classes by taking an annual membership of $25. 500px also offers a pro membership offering a rank in the site’s directory and a pro profile. Additionally, a pro plus profile is also there that gives you a feature of a customizable website and online store.

Features of 500px:-

  • Good source of inspiration
  • Find new clients to sell content online.
  • Feature of likes, share and follow makes it a social media channel.
  • Free storage of 7 photos/week and 2,000 photos.

6. SmugMug


SmugMug is one of the best image hosting sites which is very much similar to Flickr. A place that allows the user to showcase his/her talent. It isn’t similar to the social media sharing concept as Flickr, but you can still share and look at different people’s works.

Now, if you are very serious about working with your photography skill and want to showcase and sell your images because this does not allow you to open a free account, their plan starts from $40 per year to $300 per year. There are other plans which are quite expensive but also gives you more features as in customization and storage.

Apart from this if you are serious about it, then this is the best image hosting website as you can open your SmugMug account with your domain name and build an eCommerce shop to sell your photographs.

The site gives various features to customize. There are so many options that would confuse you at times which one to choose and also various design templates.

Features of SmugMug:-

  • Shares unlimited photos
  • Professional website option
  • More than average support

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7. ImageShack

ImageShack - Best Image Hosting Sites- Hostingqna

ImageShack is one of the professional image hosting sites. It’s very similar to Pinterest, where you can create an account and upload pictures. The free account here ends up giving you so many features be it organizing your pictures to albums or addition of tags keeping track of your images and letting other people discover your works.

It also has its community, but if you want to hide your work from the community, then you can just easily change the privacy setting to selective people.

The planning system of this site is that it provides a 30-day free trial of the premium version. Now, what does it give you? It gives you unlimited space, image stats, watermarking, and direct linking. It also gives you 10GB/month free storage space.

The site offers web as well as mobile apps for making the work of sharing photos easier. The shack app provides you with the upload option to upload your pictures on the website for the quick upload of your content. It has the editing options like crop, resize for your last moment editing.

Features of ImageShack:-

  • Easily upload hefty amounts of pictures.
  • One-month free trial for your better understanding.
  • Make and share all your photo albums.
  • Also offers mobile application for easy usage.

8. imgbox – Simple image sharing


On #8, imgbox is one of the simplest image hosting sites. As the name has simple in it, it’s free, user-friendly, and has an unlimited storage facility. Yes, you read it right. You can upload GIF images, jpg, and PNG file up to 10MB size. The uploading here is also very simple.

Just drag your image and drop it in the uploading site; it gives you direct links to share with your friends and families, image galleries, and forum-friendly cypher. If you have an account, you can also pre-set the upload settings to make the work easier and faster.

Another amazing feature is that you can share your content to all of the social media platforms. If you want, people can like, share, and comment on your image through the ImgBox website. This is the fastest and easier option for uploading pictures, especially when it goes on to social media platforms.

Features of ImgBox:-

  • A simpler and easier way to upload photos in just a click. Yes, it worth trying.
  • Easy sharing through links and cyphers for all the pictures.
  • It has amazing speed. Yes, it’s extremely fast.
  • No limited storage. Each image can be 10 MB.

9. Postimage – hosting images for forums


Postimage is one of the popular forum image hosting sites that allows you to save all of your images permanently without the necessity of making an account. You can use this website to upload the images up to 8MB size. The website supports PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, PDF, GIF, and allows you to upload pictures through the URL.

This website allows you to build up your gallery with a link to share with others. Not only the gallery, but an image can be shared through the link. If you want to share your photo once you can choose the option of letting the photo expire after a day, week, or month. If you want that picture to stay forever, that’s also an option for you. You can also resize your pictures before uploading them.

This image hosting website is very much famous for hosting the pictures on forums and message boards. The forum visitors can use an image upload mod for an easier process of sharing pictures. It also has a resize your image feature useful for the forum as it allows the users to resize pictures to use them as avatars.

Features of Postimage:-

  • The image expiration feature.
  • You can upload as many pictures you want that are in bulk.
  • Gives you resizing tools
  • And, there’s no max storage limit.

10. FreeImageHosting.net – 100% free

FreeImageHosting.net is best 100% FREE image hosting sites, is very much similar to Imgur. It is a website that helps in sharing low-resolution images. You don’t have to build an account before uploading your pictures.

You can easily upload the pictures up to 3MB size which stays there forever. It provides you with an HTML link for your easy sharing of content. The site supports PNG, BMP, GIF, and JPEG. The maximum limit here is 3,000 KB.

It doesn’t have all the features like Imgur like it does not provide you with a hyperlink shortener. It’s a very fast way to upload pictures. There are large ads on this site’s homepage, but if you want to upload a picture to share, this site will be a great option for you.

Features of FreeImageHosting.net

  • No need to build up an account
  • Photos are saved permanently.
  • It’s a US-Based.

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